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Message from the Ambassador


H.E. Alaina B. Teplitz
US Ambassador, Nepal

Opening and Thesis: Nepal is at a moment of historic opportunity.  The new government–and the Nepali–people face high expectations – to envision and deliver a new era of economic growth and human development.  Information Technology—IT—can and should play a major role in achieving these objectives.  I envision two primary areas where IT can drive Nepal’s success: 

  1. If there are empowering reforms in the business environment, IT can be a major growth sector in the economy.  It is the government’s responsibility to create the enabling environment that will allow this non-traditional sector to emerge by drawing on international best practices and the input of the private sector to enact reforms that will position Nepal to succeed in the competitive global environment.
  2. IT tools can be put to use to facilitate Nepal’s economic growth and instutionalization of democracy by supporting transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance and development.  Nepal’s possibilities are only constrained by the creativity and ingenuity of the people working to help the country succeed.

Message from the VC of MUET, Jamshoro-Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili

Meritorious Professor and Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro – Pakistan

This is proud moment for Mehran University of Engineering &Technology (MUET), to be the part of the organizing team along with Deerwalk institute of Technology, for the 5th International Conference on Information Technology for Development (IT4D).

Mehran University being a leading public sector university of the Pakistan, believes inequality learning, this conference is one of so many examples of MUET’s focus on research activities.This conference will highlight the work being done on most demanding topics like,e-learning, Network Security, Communication Engineering, Information Technologies for e-Learning, Mobile application development for e-Learning, Content development and customization in e-Learning, Pedagogical implications of e-Learning, Economic impact of e-Learning, Quality assurance in e-Learning, Theoretical frameworks for e-Learning and Governance issues in e-Learning.

All contributors of the papers are warmly welcomed to share and express their research related findings presented at the Conference. The 3-day event includes invited and contributed talks, organized in different sessions each coordinated by an appointed chair.

I am pretty sure this conference will come up with fruitful solutions and advancements regarding its theme.

Wish you all the best!

Message from Conference Chair


Dr. Rudra Raj Pandey

Chairman, Deerwalk Group Ltd., Nepal

We are pleased to announce the 5th annual edition of IT4D, Information Technology For Development conference. We take this opportunity to welcome and thank all the guests, delegates from home and abroad.

Deerwalk Institute of Technology, a leading IT college of Nepal conceptualized IT4D conference in Nepal. For a least developed country like ours, we need massive investment in all areas like health, education, electricity, communication, transportation, etc. There is no denying that the government is trying to do its best. But the pace is not fast enough and execution is not well managed. We believe IT can help.

IT4D aims to make a push for it.

We are confident that this conference will provide a platform to researchers and academicians to bring forth new ideas that can be integrated in all walks of our lives – in all our development endeavors.

It’s also our pleasure to inform you all that Deerwalk Institute of Technology has been collaborating with reputed universities from different countries in the past and has collaborated with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology for this edition of the conference. We would like to thank Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili, and Dean, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry for accepting our invitation to become conference collaborators.

It is our great honor to have Her Excellency, US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz to deliver the keynote speech. We are truly thankful to Her Excellency for her kindness.
Finally, we would like to thank all members of the organizing committee for making this edition of the conference possible and look forward to enriching experience.

Message from Conference Co-chair


Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry

Distinguished National Professor and Dean, Faculty of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro – Pakistan

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is widely accepted as the foremost tool with which government, researcher, industry and business organizations can meet the demands placed on them. Thanks to the rapidly emerging global economy, growing population and others. Worldwide research shows that those organizations who are unable or unwilling to understand, use, adapt or implement most innovative information and communication technology will have little chance of survival. The international conference event IT4D18 brings together researcher, industry professionals and academics in a pleasant environment to exchange information on advances in IT Applications, Networking, Databases, Mobile, Web Services, IT Security, Wireless, Energy Management, Smart Grid, Antenna design, Big Data, Simulation and Modelling etc.

I thank Prof. Dr. Uqaili, VC MUET for accepting request of our Alumnus Dr. Rudra Pandey, and Dr. Gokul Bhandari for his support to have joint collaborative conference in Nepal. I will work with my colleagues of MUET to develop a productive collaboration between Deerwalk and MUET leveraging the Deerwalk programs and initiatives for the academia, industry for mutual benefit of both nations.

Last but not least, I wish to thank all the participants for attending the conference and sincerely hope that you will admire IT4D18.